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Did your LO love the carrier right away?

We have a babyhawk mei tei that I really want to use, but LO doesn't seem so sure. When I put her in it, she'll fuss for a bit (10 min or so, not really crying - just grumpy) and then she'll calm down. 

Will she get used to it in time? Did your LOs love the carrier immediately or did they have to get accustomed? 

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Re: Did your LO love the carrier right away?

  • Mine did, but he's the poster child for carriers. When he's not in a carrier his favorite position is to be held chest to chest and bounced. Since that's how all my carriers position him he's always been happy as a clam. He doesn't like being cradled, so if I had used carriers that held him in that position he probably would have fussed considerably. Maybe for your baby the babyhawk isn't her ideal holding position?
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  • That's pretty normal for a lot of babies.  Have you tried walking around with her?  That often helps babies settle.  If you are frogging her legs you can also try cinching the bottom with a ribbon and wearing her legs out instead (may also need to roll the bottom up to make it shorter.
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  • DD hated all of her carriers (Moby, Infantino, Ring Sling) until she was about a month old. Now she loves them.
  • He loved it - if I was moving. Definitely try it while walking, not sitting.
  • We used a BH as our first, too, but DS was prem and we'd spent two months kangaroo'ing every day so - think that helped ;) I've heard lots of babies take some getting used to it so don't give up! I had a Moby on hand, too.
  • I tried the Moby when she was 6 days old and it was "LOVE at first wrap" for both of us. I swear she relaxes as soon as she sees me wrapping the moby around my body.
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  • No. And he only likes it if I am walking. I am so jealous of moms who say they work on the computer or do dishes with LO on. At most I do diapers (walking back and forth from washing machine to drying rack). My husband does vacuuming with baby.

    He doesn't like getting in (we have an Ergo) but once he is in and we are walking around it really helps to relax him. And it gives my arms a break so a little fussing in the beginning is acceptable.

  • I've had my daughter in the Moby pretty much since we came home. It's always worked out great. There are some days where I need the free hands and well she just isn't having it. For the most part she has always been perfectly happy in it though!!
  • We had awesome luck with the moby at about one week old and he loves the sling too but for both I have to keep moving. The only time he'll just hang out is when his nap coincides with my lunches with friends. Then he's out like a light.
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