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Daycare in the Dayton Area

Does anyone have any recs for daycare providers in the Dayton area?  I live downtown, so I am looking for someone that is centrally located, but I am willing to go further for the right person.  At this point, I am looking at centers and in-home care.  Thanks for any advice or recs.

Re: Daycare in the Dayton Area

  • We just switched from Kindercare to a church in Kettering. If you want to know the name, let me know. It is $5 an hour for my toddler, and she only goes 3 hours a day, so it's cheap for us, but I don't know the price for fulltime or for babies. I do know they accept infants. Kindercare was OK, but too expensive if you don't have some sort of assistance.


    Edit to remove location. Thanks.

  • I used to live in the downtown Dayton area. We used an in-home provider who no longer provides in-home care. Once she stopped, we started looking around the area and the only center I'd consider using down there would be the one next to MVH (Mini University) or the Bombeck Center (which has a huge wait list for outsiders). We ended up moving south and DD goes to a center in Kettering now.
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  • Forgot to add that there is a care center at the YMCA downtown-- Crayon Club or something. I never had time to get down there and check it out, though.
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  • teacherjes ... where does your daughter go? I am interested in new places as I don't know if the place we go now accepts infants parttime.
  • I know her center accepted infants part-time when she started a couple years ago; they sometimes have a waitlist so you may want to call and ask. It's World of Love in Kettering; it's behind the Methodist church on Wilmington Pike (just south of Dorothy Lane). It's a wonderful center and I have nothing but great things to say about it.
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  • awesome, thanks. do they take toddlers too? and is the price reasonable?
  • They take kids 6 weeks-through preschool age, and then they provide before and after-school care for school-age kids and kindergarteners. I think the cost is reasonable for the type of care she receives. I really think we get our money's worth. The cost is really similar to the other centers in Kettering that I looked at and also similar to other centers in the Dayton Metro Area.
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  • We take DD to a church in Kettering and we love it there.  For full time its very reasonable and if she is formula fed, it is covered and also any food.  Let me know if you want the name :)
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