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Daylight Savings Time and Temping?

Those who temp, how are you handling this?  Are you just going to temp the same time you do now even though it will be off an hour????  I usually temp at 5:15am and I'm assuming I will continue to do so?  But will my temps be off?

Re: Daylight Savings Time and Temping?

  • Oooh, good question. I look forward to see what others say.  I might start adjusting it by 10 or 15 min a day. 
  • I looked on Fertility friend and this is what it said...

    Do I have to do anything special to chart my BBT when the time changes for Daylight Saving Time?

    The effect of Daylight Saving Time (DST) on your temperature is usually limited to the day of the change because you adjust quite quickly. In addition, the exact effect depends strongly on your own metabolism. Some people will see no effect at all while others will see a slight change (increase or decrease). Because in general having one temperature slightly off will not change your chart interpretation, Fertility Friend's recommendation is to record your temperature as usual without correcting it in any manner. We recommend that you keep taking the temp at the same time. If you took it at 6 in the morning before the change, then take it at 6 in the morning after the change.

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  • That is great info! Thank you!!
  • Oh, good.  THANK YOU!
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