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Anyone had myofascial release for csection adhesions?

If so please let me know how many times per week you went to therapy and how long you had to go before you saw improvement? Tia
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Re: Anyone had myofascial release for csection adhesions?

  • I have and I can't recommend it enough!!! I really think it should be mandatory after a csection!! I did a intensive grouping of 7 sessions in a row(4 days in a row and for 3 days I went twice a day) to start with. I wouldn't say that's necessary but I had really bad scar tissue that was becoming increasingly painful. Right now, I go once a week and then do therapy at home with a ball they gave me to help work out the scar tissue. I noticed an immediate difference after my first session, it was amazing. At first, I was paying cash for a message therapist to do it but then I found a physical therapy place that does it and so I got a referral from my dr and now it's covered by insurance. Seriously, I can't recommend it enough. For me, we are thinking about a fourth and I knew that I couldn't safely have another csection or attempt a vbac until I got rid of my scar tissue. Let me know if you have any questions!
  • Thanks so much for the info! I did PT for my back before pregnancy so I contacted them and they do myofascial release. I'm excited to go - my pain level isn't bad but I really can't do ab or lower body exercise without soreness/pain (not muscle soreness). I want to be able to do that again. My pain is only on one side. I also noticed my "pouch" sticks out more on that side so I am really thinking it's scar tissue. I left my dr a message Tues but I have not heard back from him. Thankfully PT said I did not have to have a dr's order, it would just mean more paperwork for me. What does the release do? Does it actually get rid of scar tissue ? Or is it more of a maintenance thing that you have to keep up in order to feel better?
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  • Man, if you don't need a referral then I wouldn't even bother with your dr. Most ob/gyns Don't even know about it and mine basically told me that it would t do anything. I actually got the referral from my gp who is much more holistic. I'm in TX and here it's mandated by law that you have to have a referral for PT. it actually gets rid of the scar tissue and it's not just surface tissue, it can get the tissue all the way down to the uterus. Its pretty amazing because when you get it done, you can actually FEEL the scar tissue releasing. After my first session, when i stood up and felt my stomach, it was completely different. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not an enjoyable "massage" by any stretch of the imagination but I have found it so very helpful. I'm so glad you asked about it because I feel like it's so beneficial and I wish more people knew about it!!
  • I've had to go through pelvic floor PT in the past for various issues. I had it done there for my endometriosis adhesions and scar tissue. Helped so much! It was an ongoing process, b/c that wasn't the sole reason I was there. But I saw improvement after each time we worked on the adhesions.
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  • Thanks for sharing. I have not heard of this. How long after your c-section do you start this?
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