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Job options?

OK, this is my first time creating a poll, so bear with me.

As a mom with young kids, what would be your ideal work situation?  I'm weighing job options.

Option 1 would be a full time job with benefits and would include relocation.  Summers off.  

Option 2 would be a part time job that would revolve around the kids school schedule.  I would work approx. 9-2 Monday-Thursday with Friday off for doing housework, errands, etc.  Summers off.  Option 2 would have no benefits and pay about 1/2 of the full time job.  No relocation.  The clincher with job 2 is that I would have to work for 1 to 1 and 1/2 years without pay while I was repaying a loan.     


Re: Job options?

  • I voted ss. Would DH's finances be the same either way? Would option 2 mean that you'd be struggling financially? Also, do you enjoy more time with your kids, or do you feel your time with them is of higher quality when you've spent more time working out of the home? Is the place to which you'd be relocating a nice place, or are there people you know or opportunities to meet people?

    Good luck!

    ETA: That said, all things being equal, I'd go with the part time option.

  • I voted ss too.  it would depend on where the relocation was. how would that relocation effect your dh's job and income? for job 2 would you have benefits through your dh, in which case it wouldn't matter if you had them through your job?
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  • SS here - how would it affect your DH's job? Would you still be struggling financially?

     To me, it would be a lot of less stress if I was in a better financial position and that would make me a better mother.

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  • If we could afford it and were able to get insurance through DH's job, I would totally do option 2.
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  • Same thing here.  If you could get benefits through DH's job, I'd rather cut back for a few years and spend more time with my kids.  In fact, that's what we do now and I don't mind our paid-for-but-older vehicles.

    At the same time, I would also want to be in the same town as DH. So, if the relocation would give you a more normal home life than what you guys have been living, I would choose the "together" option.

  • I chose job 1. The answer might different depending if you want to be a SAHM or not. I'm WOHM and I'm accustomed to working until 5 and the kids being in daycare/school and enjoy working outside the home.

    I would think about what is your biggest stress right now? Which option is going to give you better quality time with your kids. If you are home at 2 with your kids but constantly worried about finances will that affect the type of mother and wife you are? Also, how important is the insurance? Job two is half the pay but also consider the additional expenses if your DH no longer has insurance.

  • Yes, it's going to totally depend on dh's job situation.  Hopefully he'll have an answer when I have to make a decision.  I've never held insurance.  Never.  Such is the situation of being self employed or working part time.  Right now I'm just counting the days until I don't have to hold a part time job in the morning, work until 7 or 8 pm at night, and own a business and do business work until midnight.  All of my private piano teaching hours are after school 3-8ish, and that is getting harder and harder as the kids grow older.  It's also hurting my health because I don't have any me time, or time to work out, or time to cook meals, etc.  So either of these options just seem like a breath of fresh air.  I'm definitely leaning toward the part time option because that would let me keep ownership of my business, but I was wondering if I was crazy to turn down a full time job!  
  • If my DH's job would cover enough of the othere costs, and would prevent us from constantly being stressed about money, then I'd choose Option 2.

    In my case, me working ful time was important for us to feel financially secure, so here I am working full time. If you need that income, then I'd choose Option 1. No matter how much my heart aches to spend more time with my kid(s), my family would not be happy if we were broke, and that would negate the extra time I have with them.

    In any event, they both sound like good options, and that's awesome!! Go with what your heart wants to do, and what is going to be the most fullfilling for you!

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