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THis is a P&R because work is hell, but here goes:

I can't pump enough at work for Sparky to have all BM bottles at daycare (4 4oz bottles). It just isn't happening, and hasn't been for a while. It doesn't help that he stopped STTN, wakes up every 2 hours, and won't go to sleep unless I'm nursing him so I don't have anything to pump at a night session. I'm down to a stash of less than 20 oz. We started supplementing with formula (Baby's Only Organic) one or 2 bottles at daycare, depending on how much I could pump the day before, and 1 at night because he gets really frustrated when my boobs are empty and he wants to go to sleep, but he just nursed when we got home an hour or so before bedtime. 

We have just been replacing BM with formula oz for oz. Now I'm thinking that we shouldn't be doing that. My rationale is that supposedly BM changes based on the baby's caloric needs and a BF baby never takes more than 32ish oz in a day. However, formula is static at 20cal/oz and doesn't change so FF babies have to get increasing amounts of formula as they grow.I'm now wondering if he is essentially getting LESS food than when I am sending BM. 

I can't find any info online about how to calculate how much to supplement him. Maybe there is some long algorithm, but I can't find it. For those of you who have supplemented, how did you do it? 1:1 BF to Formula or some other method?  Am I overthinking this?

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Re: Supplementing Help

  • We were always told by our pedi that babies should get 24-32 oz of FOOD a day, regardless of BM or formula. I know every baby is different and some babies eat a little more, but I would think somewhere in the 32 oz range is still correct.
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  • I don't have an answer, though it's an interesting question. I was in the same position as you with DD2, and I just did 1:1 with the formula supplementation.

    A few thoughts. Is he failing to thrive? Underweight? That's the most important question. If he's thriving, I wouldn't worry about figuring out an algorithm, especially because Sparky is almost 6 months old and soon half of what you'll send to daycare will be solids, right? 

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  • I figured I was over thinking. He's definitely not failing to thrive, but he seems hungry all the time, especially at night. 


    We started BLW this week but I think it will be months before he actually ingests anything on a regular basis. I guess we will just keep going like we are. Thanks for the input! 

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  • we supplement with formula too. dd gets 3 6oz bottles a day at daycare and 1 or 2 are formula depending on how much i pump. i just do a 1:1 replacement.

    if he seems hungry all the time have you thought about increasing the amt in the bottles during the day? i know when we started daycare dd was drinking 2 4oz bottles then 5 oz bottles then 3 5oz bottles and now we are up to 6oz. so maybe more in each bottle during the day would help him feel more full and maybe sleep better at night?

    also, not to start any controversy and i know nothing about BLW and it's actually on my list to look into but if he's not ingesting anything that way have you considered purees also? i haven't really tried but my dd doesn't seem to understand the concept of eating anything "solid" but chows down on purees, but like i said we haven't really tried it much. but it could be another way to add more food to your ds' diet.


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  • You might want to just add another ounce to his daycare bottles and see if that helps.  I just do 1:1 if I end up short on BM.


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