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help! lice!

a case of lice was reported in DS's room at school.  i think the student has been pulled from the class until he/she has had a treatment but...what do i do now?  should i just wait for signs that DS has it?  do a treatment now? what do i use? 

i had lice once when i was in kindergarten and all i remember is my mom put some bad smelling stuff on my head. 

Re: help! lice!

  • Peoples Rx carries a less toxic lice treatment if you need one. I saw them on the shelves yesterday. 
  • My kids had it last early last year and it sucks. I would proactively wash his sheets and any jacket he's worn recently in hot water. Also any stuffed animals that are on his bed or played with often, stick them in a garbage bag and put it in the garage. That will suffocate and lice that may be on the stuffed animals.

    If he does get lice olive oil works great. Soak his hair in olive oil and put a shower cap on his head for 45-60 minutes. Again suffocating the lice and making the nits easier to remove. Rinse in the shower/bath and comb his hair in the shower with a nit comb. I tried several things but what finally worked was olive oil in the hair and getting the stuffed animals out of the house.

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  • Here's my favorite kid-friendly lice treatment-

    1. Soak LO's hair with Listerine.
    2. Wrap in plastic for 30 minutes.
    3. Rinse out.
    4. Blow dry hair/air dry.
    5. Flat iron all of LO's hair to kill any eggs.
    6. Comb out nits.

    The Listerine will kill the lice. The flat iron with kill any eggs.    

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