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And speaking of pedis ...

I know this has been asked before ( I HATE the search function on this site!), but if you wouldn't mind, would you rec your centrally-located pedis? We'll be in need soon, and I think recommendations are the way to go. Tell me why you like yours. Is he/she relaxed, proactive, super cautious, interested in natural care, available, hard to reach, etc.? For us, the closer to downtown the better. Thanks in advance!
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Re: And speaking of pedis ...

  • We see Dr Hargrave at Pediatric Associates of Austin and I love him.  It was on a rec from this board. 

    He's very relaxed, takes his time, not too hard to get an appointment with (although for sick visits, we've seen other docs in the office before).  the nurses call us back relatively quickly (within an hour usually), even when it's boring questions (like how much motrin can I give).  We don't do alternate vax, so I don't know how receptive he is to it, but he's very laid back so I can't imagine him pushing us in a direction we didn't want to go.  

    the office is at 38th/shoal creek (just west of lamar).  

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  • We see Dr. Owens at Pediatric Associates and I love her for the same reasons PP stated about Dr. Hargrave.  I really like all of the nurses at the office, too.  Everyone is very friendly.  I never feel rushed at our appointments and I ask some pretty silly questions but she never makes me feel silly at all.  She will sit and talk with us for as long as we want to discuss DS.  Once I took DS in b/c I was afraid he had an EI and it turned out it was just sleep issues.  I felt stupid but she was so sweet about it and assured me that I did the right thing by bringing him in.  Every time I've called the office they call back right away.

    They have a lab onsite, which is an extra yearly expense, but it's worth it.  Anytime we've had to use it, we get the results within minutes.  I really like that we don't have to wait.  We don't follow an alt vax schedule, but my friend who sees the same doc does so I know she's OK with it. 

    We've also seen Dr. Miller and Dr. Mirrop and liked them a lot as well.  I also like how there is a mix of older and younger doctors in the practice.  A couple of the docs that started it are still there, which I think is neat.

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  • Thanks for your responses! I'll check out this practice for sure.
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