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my moms wants to be there

so my mom wants to be in the delivery room, but my DH really doesn't want her there.  Since this will be our first my DH wants it to just the two of us.  I dont really know how i feel either way.  My mom side is that my grandma was in the room when my cousin was born and they talked how special that was for them.  I think my mom just wants the same.  I don't know what if any benefit it would be to have my mom there.  Has anyone else dealt with this?

Re: my moms wants to be there

  • We compromised and my mom was in there for part of labor but left before delivery so it was just DH and me. That worked great for us!
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  • Not exactly. DH and I went to hospital at 8pm, I was only 4cm so I told everyone to wait. I wasn't sure how long it would take and I wanted to rest as much as I could. At 7am I told everyone they could come up. I was ready to push at 8:45 so I had everyone leave except my little sister. She was going to wait behind the curtain and then come out right after DS was born to take picks. The Dr and nurses talked her into coming out while I was still pushing and I was fine with it. She got some great shots that I'm so glad I have now. Both my parents and DHs parents are divorced so if I left one mom in I'd have to let them all in and it would have been out of control. I'm sure my mom and MIL would have loved to be in there but I didn't want that. This is your and DHs baby so you two need to make the decision. You have control over who is in the room when so maybe a compromise would be that your mom and MIL can come in the room for a little bit after the birth before everyone else visits.
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  • I think that could work as a comprise, and maybe my mom could be the first one in after the baby is born. 
  • oh gosh, you guys brought up a bunch of questions i didnt even consider. however, i  would be against anyone besides the hubby in the room with you, personally.  i suppose once you give birth, most all your dignity (so to speak) is out the window at that point, but eh... i think it would be more special for just your and hubby to enjoy. 
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