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i just want to blow his nose!

L is really sick!  It will be a miracle if Aislinn and I don't get sick.  He's coughing like crazy and has a horrible runny nose.  The sniffles are killing me!  Poor kid doesn't really get how to blow his nose yet and I just want to blow it for him.  haha!  I tried to use the sucker ball thingy, but apparantly i'm the worst ever at it because I got nothing.  :(

Re: i just want to blow his nose!

  • The bulb syringe? Those are hard, plus dd hated it! Would flip if I even took it out of the drawer. The nosefreda thing is really effective (probably bc it is wider) and dd actually likes it. It is gross until you actually use it - the snot doesn't go anywhere near the tubing and could never get in your mouth.

    Hope you and dd stay healthy! 

  • Can he blow out candles?  Tell him to blow out pretend candles and have him try it a few times long and slow, then tell him to close his lips and pretend to blow the candles out with his nose. 
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