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I'm overthinking but...

I'm going out this week to buy the containers (clear, glass or plastic if i can find something that doesnt look cheap) I'm going to use for Ls bday party and I was going to get uniform fishbowl shape but since its a sesame street theme- think I should get a varied selection of containers or will it muck up the "look"...

(yes, I know I'm over thinking and I know my 2 year old wont even know that there are centerpieces- but I know and there will be 

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Re: I'm overthinking but...

  • Sesame Street would have lots of different shapes for everything.  But I think you are also ok doing the same since they are all at different tables and not lined up next to each other.
  • This is one of those tiny details - you notice, others won't.  I wouldn't stress out over it.  Maybe the dollar store has ones cheap enough to do all the same.
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  • Because the items in each jar are going to be different I would keep all the jars the same.  That and stop over thinking it ;-)
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