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i am a worry wart

so, i am 34 and am finally pregnant with our first child after trying for a yr. I keep reading about miscarriages and am getting worried.  i just want to make it through the first trimester!


Good luck to all! 

Re: i am a worry wart

  • I hear you! You hear so many bad things from co-workers or the Internet it's very difficult not to worry or be negative. I don't know if you've been to your doctor yet, but my doctor makes everything so much better. Being around positive people really makes a huge difference. One of my co-workers is awesome. She told me to think good thoughts, talk to the baby, go buy the baby things, etc. Think positively and everything will be good!


  • Congratulations on your bundle of joy! I definitely agree that you need to be around positive people.  I was so worried about miscarrying and even had an instance where I bled a bit while I was pregnant.  Just keep things positive and take a deep breath.  It helps to be around other moms, too :)

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  • Congrats! I was so worried too - just keep telling yourself that you can only do so much - most of it is out of your control, all you can do is eat the best, rest, and think positively! Good luck!
  • Think Positive! everything will be okay :)
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