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NBR: Virus

We have a virus and I usually use the free SuperAntiSpyware to remove stuff - but it says it isn't finding anything so I need to go bigger..

What do you use? I have norton on our computer - but it's $50/yr to activate. Blech.

Has anyone had this "Win 7 Security 2012" virus?

Re: NBR: Virus

  • I know malwarebytes is free.. I think I got the windows security virus like 2 years ago and used that and something else and some manual cleaning and got rid of it... but I know my FIL's home computer and my Dad's work computer both got this new one this week.  It might be worth taking it to someone to make sure its all gone.

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  • Ugh, yeah I should prob take it in :(
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  • I use Vipre. It was recommended to me by the computer guys that had to clean out a virus on my computer last summer. I still only have Vista, so I haven't had to deal with the virus you mentioned.
  • I was using Bit Defender which you can download and pay for online. When I did a search of the best one to use that beat out all the big name anti-virus softwares like Norton and McAfee,etc. For the past year or so I've been using what the IT guys at my work put use on all of our's free...Microsoft Security Essentials.
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