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My baby is (almost) 2!! What should we do tomorrow?

I wanted to go to Explore & More - but it's closed. I think it will be too cold for the zoo. We *just* went to the aquarium so I wanted to do something different. (Oh, and I'm not driving to the MOP :)

Any ideas??

And PS, how is my baby TWO???????????????

Re: My baby is (almost) 2!! What should we do tomorrow?

  • Aw... happy (almost) birthday Leah!

    Aren't we supposed to get some nasty weather tonight/tomorrow? I would plan on staying home, or close by. Maybe take her out for a nice breakfast or lunch and then come home and have a pj day? Build a fort or something in the living room and watch a movie? Make her favorite dinner?

  • I'd let her pick out a movie and then let her and E have ice cream sundaes for lunch while they watch it. Maybe get some of her dolls/toys together for a "birthday party".
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  • If the weather isn't a factor in going out, then perhaps Bounce Magic?  The one in Orchard Park is great and has awesome pizza!
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    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
  • Eh - we stay in EVERY darn day. Movies and pjs are the norm around here :) (well, that will change as of Tuesday when Evan starts school!) I found a play place in Ontario that we may try, if it isn't storming, that is!
  • DD loves story hours, that would probably be pretty easy to find one at a library or book store.

    Also - lots of gyms are doing a week or day free trial to get people in for the new year.  Is there a gym nearby that has a pool?  There is nothing dd loves more than to swim.  Although that might be easier to do on Tuesday while your ds is at school.

  • This sounds crazy but did you ever stop at the Power Authority Visitors Center?  There are a few exhibits for kids but even better, it's usually visitor-less and has space for kids to sort of run.  They often have festivals, etc. geared for kids.  Not sure if they are open tomorrow.  We've gone before when I had to stop in at work when I was with DH and Claire.  Wouldn't make a special trip but since you're so close, it may work for you sometime. 
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  • Ya know - that's a good idea! Ours friends went there trick-or-treating this year so I have been meaning to ask how it was for toddlers.
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