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Non-clicky poll : Hopes for 2012

What are your hopes for the new year ahead?

I am hopeful that 2012 brings more consistent happy days for DS (and hence for me). He spent most of the afternoon and evening inconsolably crying, and I just gave up and cried along with him. I am hopeful that better days will help him grow and catch up and keep pace with his developmental milestones (and let me finally take cute smiling pics like everyone posted below! I'd love some of those!)


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Re: Non-clicky poll : Hopes for 2012

  • Hugs

    More sleep!!! and quality time with DS.

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  • ((hugs))

    I wish for the strength to figure out if I want to be a working mom or not... more specifically the ability to give working an honest shot.  Hunting for a nanny is exhausting - but not technically hard - just mentally frustrating.  I worked so hard for my Grace and now I'm going to pay someone else to help raise her.  Its getting to me, that's all.

    I wish for a blessed year for my family and friends - full of many happy days.

    A healthy year!

    A new healthy pregnancy! 

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  • My hopes for 2012 is that Amelia continues to amaze me every day.  I hope that our move to Texas goes smoothly, and the transition into new jobs and a new life go well.  I hope my husband and I continue to thrive as a couple and as parents.  I hope that my friends and family stay happy and healthy as well. 
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  • Besides health for my family, I hope my sister and niece get through the loss of her husband right before Christmas. It's wrecked them, and we've all been devastated. I hope they heal and my niece survives without lasting damage. She's only 3.
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  • I hope dd becomes a good sleeper. I hope I figure out the right thing with work ( to stay or not, if 80% is right, when to say no). I hope that we're TTC by the end of the year and that this time is easier. 

    Kathymarie I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL. I hope the family finds peace. 

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  • I'm hopeful for more babies!! Hopefully free ones!

    ::kicks ute:: 

    But, if I don't get that, I'm hopeful that dd will start sleeping for more than 3 hour stretches, I can move her into her room, and I can move back into the bedroom with dh. (right now, dd and I are cosleeping in a guest room) 

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  • Happiness and health for family and friends.

    More time together as a couple for me and DH.

    That LO keeps growing, developing, amazing me, delighting in the world.  That his follow up MRI is ok.

    Another sticky baby.



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  • I hope that we can get an answer for our little medical mystery/dd#1.  She's been poked and prodded and examed and scanned for almost seven years and while every doc she sees (a list too long to get into, but between therapists and specialists, the current count stands at seven) agrees that something "just isn't right," none have been able to diagnose anything in her.  I hope they can either figure it out or just agree to leave her alone.  

    I hope DS decides to take a bottle sooner then later.  I'm really over being his only source of drink.  He needs to take a bottle/sippy cup/straw...something!!

    I hope for less unnecessary tragedy.  Not just in my own life, but in the world.  I hope to hear more news stories of love, happiness and success then anger, hatred and violence.

    I hope my kids don't lose that gleam in their eyes just yet.  I want to hold on to these years and their innocence for as long as I can.  I realize that eventually they are going to grow out of their childish ways...I'm just not ready for it to happen yet.

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  • imageRachaelA:
    Is it crazy that along with my hope for lots of fun times with DD and DH, I hope I'm pregnant by the end of the year and its not such a rough road like before?

    Nope, not crazy. DH and I aren't positive when we will start TTC again but I hope it's easier the next time around. Ideally I'd like to be off in the summer but I'm not sure I'm ready to be pregnant again by Sept/Oct. My pregnancy with DD was so rocky that I don't know if I can handle the stress of it again so soon.

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    Joined International Asherman's Association April '14 
    Not ready to give up yet.
    Hysteroscopy with Dr. Isaacson (an expert in the USA) 6.2.14: Good prognosis, at least 50% of cavity open.
    Repeat hysteroscopy scheduled with Dr. I on 6.16.14. Great progress. Unbenched!!!!
    Discussing actively TTC with DH after the heartache of the last year. We're both reeling.
    Please, please, please. 
  • DS to continue to grow healthy and happy.

    My marriage to remain strong.

    Health and happiness for the rest of my family and friends. (Including DH getting over the cold he's had for nearly two weeks now.  You'd think the man was dying of his stuffy nose...)

    To hopefully be pregnant with a second take home baby.  Will probably stop TTA soon, no idea how EBF will come into play though.

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  • Sandy I so hope you get more easy days, Winter has been doing so much better as of late (not trying to rub it in but give you hope) and it is so nice when the norm was so awful for so long. 

    My hopes/resolutions are: 

    1) To get my muscles back! all those hours BFing in the glider have made me so flabby it's driving me nuts.

    2) To be less critical and more loving towards my family and friends. I am very hard on myself and other people, mostly only in my head, but it's a sucky attitude to have.

    3) To be more grateful for how incredibly blessed I am and to stop coveting other people's stuff and lifestyles by volunteering and donating more.

    4) To spend as much time as possible with DD and be in the moment with her rather than trying to rush her around or being distracted by TV, FB or TB when I should be reveling in my amazing little blessing. 

    5) To enjoy time with my mom and make sure we make lots of memories with her and DD. 

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  • I hope to work on my marriage. DH and I do nothing but fight anymore. The fault is on both sides, but DH is impossible to sit down and have a discussion anymore. TTC again is completely out of the question (not that we are anywhere near ready) until we get our relationship back on track.


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