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thanks to all you ladies who answered my i have another question!  I looked into BLW and watched some videos on youtube and DH and I were shocked to see babies sucking on real food like chicken, toast, broccoli etc...I'd be sooo worried about DS choking!  Have any of you had your lo choke on food?  Don't get me wrong...i loved watching the videos and would have a blast watching ds try real food for the first time...not to mention it would be alot simpler to not buy baby food.  just concerned....thx!

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  • Get the book and read it.

    No, LO has not choked once in the 6 weeks he's had "real" food. It's a truly amazing thing to watch him eat. He has incredible dexterity for a baby not yet 8 months old - he was picking up puffs and eating them one by one today. 

    I admit, I'm not a worrier, though. I know what to do if he chokes and I avoid the really dangerous foods (like whole grapes and hot dogs). Beyond that, I think supervision is sufficient.

  • The book (Baby-Led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food) was super helpful and gives you a lot of information on the hazards of choking and how that differs from gagging. My LO has been BLW for 3 months now and certainly gagged a bit at the beginning but has never choked. She rarely gags now and enjoys a wide range of non-puree food. It's awesome!!

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  • I"m reading the book now!  I guess there is another book, a cookbook, that reviews on Amazon are saying might be a better option b/c it still gives a lot of the info on BLW but then also gives recipes.  The book I have (mentioned above) is good but repetitive.  

    Tokenhoser, I sent you a PM.  It was mostly rambling.  Just wanted to give you a headsup. 

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