how long til it stops hurting?

My poor nipples dread every feeding because when DS finally gets a good latch, it hurts like hell for about 15 seconds, then it gets a little better.  They still hurt, though.  I know BFing hurts some normally, even though they tell you that it's not supposed to.

How long was it for you before it stopped hurting?  The nurses at the hospital freaked me out about LO's latch - to the point of me giving up by the time we left the hospital and EPing our first few days home - so we have only been really BFing for three days or so.

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Re: how long til it stops hurting?

  • I don't remember exactly - maybe a week?  If the pain stops soon after she latches, it probably is just normal pain and not a latch issue.  I had the best relief from just rubbing a bit of breastmilk on my nipples after nursing and letting them air dry - air drying is important!  You can use Lansinoh or some other nipple cream as well.
  • Ha, they say it shouldn't hurt!  yes, but there is a baby sucking on you and milk coming out faster than your nipples allow.  Yes, it's going to take a little while getting used to.  For me, the peak of the painfulness was when DD was about 2-3 weeks.  My left side was worse than the right, and I winced every time she latched on.  But it does get better.  Use lansinoh cream, air dry and it may even help to manually express a little bit when you first start.  Good luck, don't give up!  It DOES get better :)

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  • I'm going on 2 & a half weeks and it STILL hurts quite a bit although it has gotten much better. It was bad enough that I almost quit during week one but now is to the point that while it hurts some, I enjoy the time I get to spend with my son!
  • The cracked nipple pain lasted about four days. I got Soothies from the hospital which helped a lot during that part. I had to toss them once my milk came in though, since I would leak on them. LO will be 2 weeks on Monday and it still hurts for the first few seconds when he latches on. Sometimes my nipples will constrict like when I am cold and hurt a lot then. The worst pain is though is when I am first trying to get LO to latch on and he grabs the nipple like he would a finger. I joke that DH will have to have a talk with him before his first date. :)
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  • I remember crying a few times when she started eating from the pain. I never cried in labor. By 4w it was a million times better. Good luck!
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  • Mine hurt until around 5 weeks.
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  • LO is just over six weeks and it's still terrible with initial latch on. However, the time has gotten less and less which gives me hope. We're down to 10-15 seconds--DH times it so I can see my progression. 

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  • I had the 10 second latch pain until DD was about 4 weeks old.
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