another pumping Q?

My LO is 11days old and I'm trying to start pumping to build supply and allow dH to feed her some.  How often do you pump? how long? and how much do you normally get?  

I wanna have an idea of what to expect realistically.  

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Re: another pumping Q?

  • You don't really have to start pumping until BFing is established so your LO won't prefer the bottle (less work!).  Usually around 4-5 weeks.  

    But when you do start, people typically pump ~1 hour after the first morning nursing session.  At first, you may not get a lot, or anything at all.  But as your body gets the message that you need more milk, you will get 2oz or more.  

    If you pump to REPLACE a feeding, then you can expect to get 3oz or 4oz, maybe even more.  Depends on your body and your LO's demands.

    The most I've ever gotten from 1 pumping session that replaced a feeding was 7oz.  The least was probably ~1.5oz.   

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  • If you are just pumping to build a reserve stash, I'd pump once a day right after she nurses in the AM - that's when you'll have the most milk.  There's no magic amount as to what you'll get - some women take time to adjust to the pump while others will get tons right away.  You should also of course pump any time she gets a bottle so you don't cause your supply to take a hit.  Don't drive yourself nuts by trying to pump all the time right now - nursing and dealing with a newborn are time consuming enough!
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  • Remember it is really not less work for you to let DH feed LO, you still have to pump.  Recommendation is to intro a bottle 4-6 weeks.
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