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What are your New Years Resolutions?

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I haven't been on TB much lately...

What's your New Years resolution this year?

I decided to do a simple, achievable goal this year. Mine is to always take my clothes out of the dryer before they get wrinkly.

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Re: What are your New Years Resolutions?

  • More veggies, less swearing, and to get KU. Happy new year!!
  • mine is to finish rennovating my master bathroom!  i always seem to find an excuse to put it off!!!  and to get KU!  :)  happy new year!
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  • My resolution is to not try to make everyone happy.  I am never going to do it, so why keep trying.
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  • Same one as last year (and I made progress so I'm going to keep at it):

    Read more and gossip less

  • Same as the last 2 years--have a baby or get KU this year.

    Set a cleaning schedule so we do a little bit each day.

    Save money and move

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  • Last year mine was to recycle more, and I was proud of myself because I kept it. This year mine is to eat healthier.

    DH has a big one this year as he is going to try to stop smoking. I am really excited about this and really hope he can do it!

  • To get pregnant.

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  • Definitely GP...


    But I've been trying to finish a scrap book for several months now. I'd like to finally get my memories organized. It's been a pretty big year for DH and I.. got married, got a mortgage, got a puppy.... Overall It's going to be a hard one to top. 

  • I have a few, and most, I've already got a plan in order to make it happen. Buy a house, get in better physical shape, and go back to school. Oh yeah, and get KTFU at some point...
  • Get KU and eat less fast food!
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  • Lose weight, start exercising, eat out less!
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  • Floss every day.
    Look into buying a house.
    Keep the kitchen clean more often.
    Set aside more money for moving. 

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  • Eat healthier, and get KU.

    I would also like to have a more regular cleaning schedule in place, but I'll try not to get too carried away with the resolutions! :P

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  • Last year mine was to get pregnant. That didn't happen so this year mine are:

    1. only eat out twice a week

    2. drink less coffee & soda and more tea and water

    3. Read a book a month

    4. Send birthday cards to everyone in my family

    Hopefully these are all achievable! Happy New Year!

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  • To work on the things in life that I have control of, and not worry and stress over the things I dont have control of.

  • Pay all my bills on time, clear all debt, and raise my credit score. Eating healthy has been a resolution since like 2 years ago... lol. 

    Also- finish everything I start.  


    ETA- one more resolution :) 

  • Take better care of myself, try to worry less about things I can't change, and start to exercise.
  • Last years resolution was to quit letting others lives affect mine. I was successful. This year, besides the obvious KTFU, I would like to better myself by not letting my temper get the best of me, and to have more patience.

    Good luck to everyone and I hope you are all successful with your resolutions!

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  • Beef up the retirement accounts and savings.

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  • Decided not to have a resolution, because I always break those. I made a "plan". Lose weight and tone up, and then hopefully gain it all back all in my uterus haha. And do more fun activities with my husband not just work all the time. 
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  • I want to start working out 2-3 times a week (reasonable, I think). I would love to join a class at the gym- maybe yoga or a cardio one to jump start me!
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  • I did pretty well with mine last year, so I'll continue with them. 

    1. Save more money - we're debt free with the exception of car payments and school loans. So, pretty much all good debt.

    2. Exercise every day with the goal of being more healthy in December than I am today.  

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  • Take more photos (and actually learn how to use my camera).

    Eat out less.

    Save more.

    Appreciate my job more.

    Man up and order some freaking wedding pictures to hang in my house (loooong story with our wedding photographer, but I still don't have any pictures...).

    Play/exercise/train with my dogs more. 

    aaaaand last but not least, get KTFU! 

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  • imageSParkman80:

    Last year mine was to get pregnant. That didn't happen so this year mine are:

    1. only eat out twice a week

    2. drink less coffee & soda and more tea and water

    3. Read a book a month

    4. Send birthday cards to everyone in my family

    Hopefully these are all achievable! Happy New Year!

    I LOVE that last one!  

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  • Besides have a baby, continue working out 3+ times per week and organize my house.  I'm thinking one room per month to keep it manageable. 

    Oh, and return my library books on time.  It was a little embarrassing yesterday when I couldn't check out because I'd reached the limit.  Stick out tongue

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  • Get pregnant and/or do an olympic triathlon.  
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  • imageKdgTeacher:

    Set a cleaning schedule so we do a little bit each day.

    Have you heard of the Motivated Moms checklist?


    My goal this year is to organize and keep the house tidy with the MM checklist I bought last year! 

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  • Gossip less.

    Spend less/save more money.

    Spend more quality time with my daughter by working less.

    And I'd like to have #2 in 2012, but that's out of my control.  :)

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  • I have a few practical ones carrying over from last year like continuing to pay off debt, keep eating healthy and being active. A new one though is to find something every day that makes me happy and not be afraid to say no. And to have a baby of course!!
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  • Mine is to do more stuff for me and DH, rather than others. We're coming out of a 4 year wedding streak where we've traveled only for weddings, never for a vacation on our own. It is amazing how all my hard earned vacation time has been to travel to across the country every year! If we get KU this year, we really want to be able to enjoy time together before life gets crazy again. For us, that means vacations sans family, weddings, etc. 

    I'm also going to start up yoga again. I need to get back in shape!  

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  • 1) Read 50 books (I've been a lifetime voracious reader who has let it slip from my priorities and I'm really sad about that.)

    2) Blog once a week on a path to finding a new happy. 

    3) Lose weight (as usual)

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