EPing and BF schedule?


Due to DD being born 6 weeks early and in the NICU for 17 days, DS has been feed BM via bottles since she was able to take a bottle and then BM had to be fortified until she rached 6lbs 10oz (3kg) I'vw been EP until a few weeks ago. She only takes the breast if I use a nipple shield; as per my LC, we try her bare breast once a day for 5mins but she just wont take. I'd like to do both pumping and BF but no idea of a schedule. I have plenty of milk (when EP, I was getting  about 60oz a day - my freezer is full of BM)....

I'd like to BF and pump but no idea what kind of schedule for pumping I should do? i was wondering if anyone is BF and pumping and if so, how they are doing it?

Re: EPing and BF schedule?

  • You should pump at least as often as LO feeds to maintain supply - though you have an oversupply- and keep offering the boob.  I don't know what your LC said, but generally I recommend people pump after nursing w/ a nipple shield as it does not stimulate the same as w/o the shield... but that would depend on how things are going for your LO.
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