pumping into drop ins

I've been thinking about doing this so I bought the kit when I was in Walgreens. I am tired of cleaning so much every day.

Does anyone use this? Do you combine enough for a single feeding (I use 4 bottles now and combine at the end of each session) or just feed them as you pump them?

At home LO was drinking 4oz bottles when she had them but at daycare she is drinking a lot less so I have been sending 3 oz 

DS 7/6/09
DD 9/4/11
EDD 9/1/15

Re: pumping into drop ins

  • I use the drop-ins! When I pump, I put it directly into the fridge no matter how much I got then combine the bottles at the end of the night to make the amount I freeze (usually about 3 ounces). They are super convenient!
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