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Yesterday we were told by our Pedi to switch our daughter to Alimentum formula due to a milk allergy. After much reluctance on her part she has finally started drinking her full 6 oz of it. But I am curious if anyone has any experience with this formula? Has anyone experienced more frequent feedings?  Also any other things you have experience or know about this formula would be great! Thanks!
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    We've had our son on it for two months now.  He's 16 weeks, so half his life I guess.  It was a miracle!  The conclusion was that he was having issues digesting milk protiens.  We tried a ton of stuff and it was the only thing that worked.  We had a new baby within a couple of days.

    The downfalls of it are that it stinks and tastes terrible.  We tried it.  We didn't know how he would even take it at first.  Lately his appetite has been weird, decreased.  We're wondering if he's finally tasting it and not liking it anymore.  It's hard to get him to finish each bottle.  We'd like to switch if it's ok, but I've heard it may not be good to switch until 6 mos.  We're talking to the pedi about it on Wednesday.

    One thing we had to do was add rice cereal to it because it's so thin and he was spitting up a lot.  We just add about 4 teaspoons to a 5 oz bottle to make it more like whole milk consistency instead of watery skim milk.  Also, the formula alone doesn't stay with him long and he was hungry between feedings.  The rice has worked great.  We started gradually and worked up to what we put in now.  He tolerates it just fine. No constipation at all like some had warned.  He actually poops twice a day sometimes after we started the rice.

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    That is interesting that you are adding the rice cereal.  We just found out our LO had a milk protein allergy a few weeks ago, after finding blood in his stool.  I EP, but we started supplementing a few feedings with formula.  LO still only gets between 4-8 ounces of formula per day, and we give him Nutrimigen by Enfamil.  It's hypo-allergenic, just like Ailmentum.  But he still wants to eat just about every two hours... and he's been eating between 35-40 ounces per day.  I am going to ask our pedi about the rice cereal at his 4 month appointment in a couple of weeks.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the pedi says not to add the rice.  Ours did, but didn't really give a reason.  I've heard so much about not giving rice cereal, but what are the exact reasons?  I've googled it without much information.  A few things about possible future obesity and diabetes?  I will ask again when we go on Wednesday.
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    DS has been on Alimentum since he was 3 months old and I started going insane cutting out dairy and soy myself.  He'll be 6 months next week, so I guess about 3 months on Alimentum.  DS was never a big eater, but he did start eating a bit more right when we switched - I just chalked it up to the food finally feeling good in his tummy, and since he was never a great eater, I was happy about it!

    We use the ready-to-feed (because our insurance [CIGNA] pays for it, so why not?!) and DS does drink it better than he drank the powder, and it doesn't smell/taste quite as bad.   

    I didn't know that it might be okay to switch to regular formula around 6 months - I thought it was more like 8-9 months.  I will definitely ask at our appointment next week!!

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    Dd has been on it since 4 weeks. Her poop is always runny looking though. It smells awful but seems to help. It also seems to not mix well. What are your concerns about the formula?
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