feeding on demans at 10 weeks?

So my DD is 10 wks now and she has some gas/reflux issues and during the day i am worried about her eating routine and if she is getting enough to eat. she will often only eats for a few minutes, gets uncomfortable gas bubbles, we burp and then she doesnt want to eat any more.  Sometimes she will eat again within a half hour and i am not worried other times she will go 2-3 hours and then eat a little again.  At night she eats well and spaces it 4-5 hours,  I am just worried that she is eating enough.  She seems fine and i nurse her when she seems hungrey buti dont want her weight gain to drop off. 

anyone else experience anything like this?

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Re: feeding on demans at 10 weeks?

  • perhaps she has become more efficient? My son would only nurse for 5ish minutes per side after a few months, he just got really quick. If she's gaining weight and is thriving (not lethargic, etc) then just keep feeding her when she acts hungry.
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  • Watch the baby and not the clock. How is her diaper output? Is she overall happy? If she seems fine she is getting enough.
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  • DS is totally like this! He does sort of cluster feed in the mornings, eating every 1-2 hours from about 6:00-10:00am. The rest of the day he's about 1.5-3.5 hours between feedings. At night it's 3-5 or more. 

     He rarely eats more then 10 minutes per feeding. Often it's only about 5 minutes. He's gaining a lot though and is big for his age so I guess it's fine. 

    DD february 2010 | DS october 2011

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