I am so discourage, I wanted to EBF for the first six month then continue to nurse my DD (7weeks) for a year 1+ and not give her any formula. However she is suffering with severe reflux, mspi (and maybe more) she is on zantac, prevacid and erythromycin for gastric emptying and she still spit up everything she eats. She is sleeping at night now at least but doesnt seem happy during the day.  I just want her to feel better but really don't want to use formula. I just don't know what to do. We have agi appt this wednesday, I assume he will tell me to cut more out of my diet, which I will but I will hardly have anything left to eat and I just dont know if it will even make a difference.

Re: Discouraged

  • First of all, congrats on making it this far. Secondly, it's very unlikely that formula will make your baby feel better than your breastmilk. Nothing is easier for baby to digest than breastmilk. Also, very rarely do babies react to something the mother ate, though it can certainly happen. The first thing I would do is DRINK MORE WATER. 

    Don't let this discourage you from breastfeeding. Your daughter's issues quite possibly have nothing to do with your breastmilk. I hope she feels better soon! 

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  • DS was formula fed after an extremely short period of nursing.  He had reflux pretty bad still.  I don't think formula would help if that would be your only reason for making the switch.


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  • Sorry you are struggling mama!  What all have you cut from your diet so far??  I know many food intolerance mimic reflux symptoms and you have to cut all hidden sources of those foods to get relief.  Formula isn't likely to be a better solution to be honest - maybe not even the super expensive stuff - because many babies with gut issues can't handle milk and soy proteins and that's what's in formula.

    Have you tried posting on the food allergy board?  I know many mamas there have dealt with kiddo's with gut issues and have done elimination diets - they may offer some advice on what to eat and how to work through this.

    Hang in there!


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