XP-3mo won't take bottle


A little background: I started out giving my LO a bottle of BM after every other feeding to supplement a low supply when he was two weeks old.  Once my supply got better, I quit doing that but DH continued to give him one bottle a day to get him used to it.  LO was never great with the bottle, but he would take it after a few minutes.

About a month ago, DH became too busy to give him the bottle and I hate pumping, so I just BF him.  Well, now he won't take a bottle for nothing!  I tried for an hour the other night and he ate maybe .5 oz.  I thought maybe the breastflow bottles may have a better result, but no dice.  DH has tried, I've tried...I just don't know what to do!

Any advice??


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Re: XP-3mo won't take bottle

  • We've been trying to get DD to take the bottle too.  I don't give her a bottle, only my husband does. If I'm around or if I try to give her the bottle, she fusses and wants to nurse.  That seems to be working.  We also switched from the Playtex drop-ins to Dr Brown's bottles and she seems to like those better. HTH! :)

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  • I had crazy oversupply issues that pumping just exacerbated so LO did not have a bottle from 3 weeks old to 3 1/2 months old. He wouldn't take a bottle ( I tried several) so by recommendation of my mom, a pediatric nurse practioner, I tried a sippy cup and he drank like a champ! LOVED it! We used the playtex first sipster  (I think that is what it is called and it is rec. for 4 months +) and now we are using the Nuby ones too.


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