Baby's "routine" affecting supply?

So DD had been eating every 2 to 3hours for sometime.  We recently went on a trip and DD routine changed a bit.  She started eating less frequently (like every 4-6hrs).  Before if she didn't nurse by 4hrs I was painfully engorged.  Now...I can go for probaby 6 hours and be full, but not hurting.  I'm worried that my suppy is going down because of her irregularity with nusing.  I know pumping can help, but I'm worried that if I pump and then she wants to eat right after (since she is now very unpredictable with when she wants to eat), that I won't have enough for her.  Any advice you can offer is appreciated.

Also, she is very restless, at times (not always), when nursing....are the two things related?

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Re: Baby's "routine" affecting supply?

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