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Alright HLG

Who's ready???????

New Year. New Goals. New pant sizes???????

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  • Operation starve myself for Mexico starts tomorrow.

    Ok, so not really "starve" but we're clearing out all the junk from the house so I'm excited. DH is actually on board so I have high hopes. I've gained about 15lbs since I quit bf'ing/holidays weight, so I want to lose that + 5 more lbs by March 5th. Then I want to super tone before all of SILs wedding festivities in July.

    DH and I bought a Jack LaLane juicer with a Xmas gift card after we watched a documentary on juicing. Let's see how that works out- I'm already laughing at us. 

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  • OOohh! Me!  I want to get back into running again; it's always been my go to stress reliever and I was way healthier running too! But a really sicky pregnancy and long recovery, in addition to adjusting to being a mommy, working full time yada yada yada....I haven't prioritized it lately.

    And I can tell. It's not so much about weight loss for me as it is doing something I love and feeling healthy. I am so ready to dust off my garmin and get going!

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  • I will probably start reading and following along sometime in February or so. DH is really upset about the weight he gained back after hurting his foot, so some healthier meal options is something I could do to help him. I don't think I will do much as far as exercise until closer to April though and that is only bc I am a bridesmaid in a wedding the first weekend of May. I used to be so active in sports, but I hate just working out with no competition.
  • On the wagon...half way so far...all of the way tomorrow..

    I have been doing the C25K for the past 2 weeks and I am loving it.  It feels so good to be jogging again and I like the pace of how it eases you up.  My goal is to run a 5K in 2012.  

    Starting tomorrow, DH and I are doing a 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge (saw it on Pinterest).  We do not eat of ton of it, but enough that cutting it out should make a difference.  If nothing else, it will help us be more aware of what we are putting into our bodies.  

    I have got to part with all of my maternity pants, as it is so easy to just slide those on.  This is about the same time after E that I hit a wall, got on board and lost 20 lbs, so hopefully I can do it again.  I am giving myself 2 months and if I do not lose the 20 on my own, I will join WW again as I have always been successful with that.   

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  • I'm in. I've got 20 pounds to lose by September. DH deploys at the end of February and the goal is for me to be skinny again when he comes back! Working out is gonna start in a few weeks when my niece moves out of our basement!
  • I NEED to lose 10 pounds. Goal would be 12-15, but I would be happy with 7-10.  I have been so stressed lately that I just hope I can stay motivated!
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  • me, me me!

    I am going to grocery shop on Monday and get all healthy foods... and hopefully get to the gym (even though I know it will be a mob scene!) 

    I just started a motivation board on Pinterest too! 

    DH is also on board. Since I've gone back to work we've eaten way too much takeout and frozen pizza. We need to set better examples for Evan! 

  • imageMrsWhiteonWhiteSt:

    DH and I bought a Jack LaLane juicer with a Xmas gift card after we watched a documentary on juicing. Let's see how that works out- I'm already laughing at us. 

    I really want one! Let me know how you like it.

    My girlfriend got one, and her and her DH both lost about 10lbs (she is already skinny to begin with!) just by replacing breakfast w/ a juice of lots of veggies. 

  • I'm definitely in! I've got a little over 10 lbs left to reach my WW goal weight. I want it gone by Spring.Haven't been doing so great this week between the holidays and this weird pain in my neck (Really. My neck hurts. It's not DH hehehe). all I've wanted to do is sleep. Need to make a better effort so I don't gain back my big loss from a couple weeks ago.

    I'm going to keep up on my running. I know I can do 5 milies now, but would like to increase that to 10 by June. DH wants to run an 8K on St. Patrick's Day, and I really want to improve my 5K time by the time I do the Freihofer's in June. A friend of mine wants me to do the Boilermaker, but I don't know. 

  • I am in.  I want to lose weight and feel good about myself again. 
  • Count me in.  I have been eating like a pig the last few weeks.  I need to get back on track when I go back to work Tuesday.
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  • Me too! I started this morning by throwing out all of my junk food. Snacking is my problem. My minigoal: down 1 pantsize by February!!

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  • I'm in too! As of this week, I am done pumping at work (Woo HOO!) so I don't have to worry so much about cutting calories affecting my milk supply. I am going to start tracking my calories again using my fitness pal, and start 30 DS again. I'm hoping this time I can actually stick with it for 30 days.
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  • Me!

    DH is a pretty slim guy (a runner). One of the first dates we went on was a horseback ride with his family. I got all muddy and he gave me a pair of his jeans to change into and they fit perfectly. Two babies later I couldn't get them past my thighs!  I am at the point now where I can get them up but not zipped.

    Also, I have my homecoming dress from junior year in HS. Its stunning. Its also like a 4 or 5. DH said if I can fit back into it he'd take me somewhere fancy enough to wear it. I would like to see this!

    Excuse me while I go smash my husbands Xbox...
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