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just when I thought Af was here...

So last week before Christmas, I had all the classic signs of AF (and I was really relieved since my last 2 cycles have been exactly 32 days, it meant I was getting back on track) or so I thought. AF symptoms: bloating, acne, weepy, lethargic. You know the drill. Sorry for TMI, but had some brown spotting for a day, then nothing, then brown spotting for another day, now nothing. The bloating is still here, but acne etc is gone. Of course I figured AF would show in the next couple days, but here it is a week later and nothing. I have my RE appt next week, so now I'm hoping AF will hold off until mid-week so I have a chance of going on Clomid during this next cycle. But my question is - has anyone ever had that kind of spotting and then not gotten AF within the next couple days? I'm waiting for blood results on insulin, PCOS-related. I guess i was so used to not getting my period, and then with two normal cycles I was used to getting it. So now I'm just entirely confused. Anyone had a similar problem in the past? Thought i was past the whole provera-inducing AF thing, but I guess not. Oh and this isn't a "am i pregnant post" because i'm cd36 and tests were negative (and I had u/s done on cd 16 and doc didn't say anything about mature follies).
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Re: just when I thought Af was here...

  • Ugh...so sorry hun. I know that must be very frustrating!  I don't really have an answer for you but am curious of this myself.  My only experience is whatever is happening to me now which is that I did start spotting yesterday and so far today its still spotting not AF. Usually I spot for one day and get AF the next day. Have no clue what to tell you except that sucks and sorry you're dealing with that. ((hugs))
  • Sorry, AMD...but if you want to feel better, look at my chart. I started spotting again yesterday (with headache, weepiness, cramps, etc) so I feel your pain/confusion/frustration. :(.
    Lets hope for some answers in 2012!
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  • this was me last cycle... i had ALL the AF symptoms for about 10 days (although no spotting for me), but no AF.  then all the symptoms went completely away, and the next day AF was there in full force.  it was very strange, confusing, and irritating.  maybe this is how it'll happen for you?  i've got my fx you'll get some answers!

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