Breastfeeding and bleeding? ( posted in att parenting too)

I am sorry that i have posted something similar before, but i am just soo frustrated...Hi! I just wanted to hopefully get some feedback so i am not worried anymore...i had AF in aug...sept & oct. i had a short luteal phase in Sept, a early m/c in Oct and since then my cycles are very having anovulatory bleeding here and there (sometimes like a period)   I temp so i know i have not ovulated since the m/c. My temps have been pretty flat...and somewht high..97.5-97.7...i started supplementing w formula bc i have felt hormonally challenged...i work PT so i just think my body is question is...did anyone have spotting /erratic anovulatory bleeding?  I had a loonng 2.5 yrs to conceive my DD And we are not preventing ;) If i got pregnant it would be fantastic! B. i dont think my dd Is ready to wean, i just wanted to supplement a bit incase of emergency ( i feed her fresh milk only). I think i still produce a lot bc i pump 12-16 oz from 2 sessions (one at 6am and 12 pm). Sorry this is sooo long!  Thanks in advance! 
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