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What's everyone up to tonight?

My Friday night is pretttttty wild and crazy.  DD just went to bed and I plan on laying in bed and watching tv until my bedtime.  I'm actually really excited about it.

Lilah Eve---our angel in heaven: Born sleeping 12/2/09 @ 28w3d. We love you and miss you everyday, little angel.
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Re: What's everyone up to tonight?

  • Wumping and watching The Muppet Movie, which B got for Christmas.
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  • DH's out shopping at Best Buy with his BFF and I'm wumping and watching Sons of Anarchy, Seasons 3 on Netflix.  I watched the first two seasons in the last month of my pregnancy.  I can't for the life of me remember why I liked this show so much.  Its really violent, which is so not me.
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  • Dinner and a movie at home.  I wish I had wine.
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  • Put dd to bed at 7.  Had pizza & promptly fell asleep on the couch. DD just woke me up crying so now she's fed & changed and I'm awake in bed hoping DH will join me soon. It's never a good sign for the rest of the night when she's up at 10, that means this will be a 3-4 times a night wake up. Shoot me with the caffeine now. 
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  • Bumping and reading up on Ferber.  I'm already having anxiety.
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  • I went to the bar where DH and I met, for the last time. They are closing their doors tonight after being around for 17 years.

    Now (Sat) I am at work. FYI, staying out until 1am and having to work at 8am is no fun.

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