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RE recommendations for Portland?

DH and I will be moving to Portland in about a month and will be looking for a new RE.  Anybody have any recommendations?  

Pursing Domestic Infant Adoption through a local agency. In the meantime, our dog is our baby.  Bumping from Portland, Oregon. 

Re: RE recommendations for Portland?

  • HI! Good luck and safe travels!


    Oregon Reproductive Medicine is an AWESOME office! We love the Doctors, Nurses and Staff!!  Our main Dr is Dr. Brandon Bankowski and we have been working with him for nearly 5 yrs and have a beautiful DD and are working on #2 as we speak. Our other Favorite is Dr Elizabeth Barbieri (Sp). I say they are favorites because of there amazing bedside manor and compassion when working with them as we have mostly worked with them. The other 2 dr's are good too but havent had a ton of experience with them. 


    Here is their information, I truelly hope this helps and best of luck to you on your move and with TTC.

    Oregon Reproductive Medicine



    Portland Northwest Office (This is their main office and the one we go to)
    Adjacent to Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital
    2222 NW Lovejoy, #304
    Portland, OR 97210

    Portland Westside Office
    Adjacent to Providence St. Vincent Hospital
    Peterkort Centre Building I
    9555 SW Barnes Road, Suite 255
    Portland, OR 97225

    Vancouver Office
    Adjacent to SW Washington Medical Center
    505 NE 87th Ave, Suite #160
    Vancouver, WA 98664


    GL and Hope to hear more from you! 

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  • I second Dr. Bankowski at Oregon Reproductive.  I am due in a couple weeks with our 2nd thanks to the awesome staff there.  I always felt important there and he listened to every concern and wish.  We told him upfront what we were willing and not willing to do and he never questioned it and never pushed us in other directions.  I can't recommend them enough!  Good luck on your journey.
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  • Thank you both. I hope that we can get in to meet them soon after we move. I love my RE down here in So Cal but we can't take him with us.
    Pursing Domestic Infant Adoption through a local agency. In the meantime, our dog is our baby.  Bumping from Portland, Oregon. 
  • Another vote for Dr Bankowski!  I've also heard good things about Dr Hesla at the same clinic.

    Good luck!

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