Are we crazy? WWYD?

We are in a 3 bed 2 bath ranch right now with a split bedroom plan.  The 2 smaller bedrooms are towards the front of the home and the master is at the back.  When we bought the home, we weren't really planning on having more than 1 child.... Long story short, I'm now expecting #3.  Big Smile

My problem is the front bedroom.  Our plan was for my DD and DS to share the bigger of the 2 front bedrooms when the new baby comes and for us to take back the smallest for the nursery. (They already share the smaller bedroom, and we used the front room as a playroom/guest bedroom)

Since the kids were not directly in the front of the house, I didn't worry too much.  But I'm very uncomfortable having all the kids at the front of the house at night, and for us to be in the back.  (DD is 6 DS is 3)

It isn't a big house, just under 2000 sq feet, but, from our room, its hard to hear whats going on in their rooms.

We decided to give up our master suite for the 2 older kids to share and to go into the front room ourselves, and then we'd be right next to the nursery. 

As an upside to this the master closet is HUGE, and I've been thinking about turning it into a great play closet... We aren't  utilizing it anyway.  This would get the toys out of my living room.

The downside is losing the en suite bathroom, which is what DH is most concerned about. 

We both agree that we aren't completely comfortable with the kids in the front room.  We live in a safe area, but.....

So would  you do this?  or are we nuts? Anyone have other suggestions?  Has anyone given up their master for the kids?  Every one I've spoken with besides DH thinks I've 'done' lost my mindIndifferent.  But I think its the best utilization of space for our family, for now.

Re: Are we crazy? WWYD?

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    We are in a similar situation.   We have a story and a half with our master bedroom on the main floor and the other two bedrooms upstairs.  We only have two and right now DD is upstairs in her own room while DS still sleeps in our room ( 9 mos old).  When he is a bit older we will put him in her room or in his own room and then get two monitors, one ofr each room. 

    What I would do? I would keep the baby in your room until it was a little bit older and  you felt comfortable.  I would also get a monitor for hte kids room so that you could hear what is going on.  Once you feel  the baby was old enough, you can move the baby into it's own room or a room with a sibling.  I would also have two monitors. 

    However I don't think your plan is terrible and it does make sense.  I know it isn't ideal but you have to do what works for your family. 

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    I don't see why that would be a problem at all. It makes sense to put two beds in the biggest room. 
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    We live in a 3 bed 2 bath ranch 1440 sq ft.  Our friends want us to be guardians for their  2 girls if something were to happen to them.  We decided that if we had to take the girls in we would put the 3 girls in our master bedroom, we would take the bigger small bedroom and DS would stay where he is at in the smallest room.  So yes if it makes sense to you guys I would definitely do it.
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    Personally, I would have a baby monitor to hear what is going on in the kids room.  I do not currently have a master bath and would literally give anything to have one.
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    We are also in a similar yet different situation.  We have 3 bedrooms, including a master with bath on one side of the house and on the opposite end the 2 car garage was  converted into a guest room/office, also with a full bath. This converted space was the main reason we fell in love with this house, we both work from home and it gave us a great office space, as well as a designated room for company.  My problem is not the bath, but being so far away from the kids, we are expecing #3.  Our house is U shaped, and the 'new' converted room is at the front of one end of the U and the kids would be at the back of the other end of the U.  My biggest concern is if there were a fire anywhere in the middle of the U, I couldn't get to my kids.  We are going to keep the baby with us for a while and stay put, and then possibly move DS who will be 7 going on 8 in the 'new' converted room.

    My other concern with that plan is that there is a door directly to the outside in that converted space.  I worry about that.  We have some time to figure it all out and will hopefully be buying a new house before it all becomes a big issue.  (we are renting now because we just moved here and didn't know much about the area)

    I don't think you are crazy, if I was in your position I would do the same thing, and would also be concerned about having the kids at the front of the house.

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    I don't see a problem with it as long as you're ok giving up the bathroom and big closet.  

    But I'm confused that this is just now an issue.  Haven't your two kids already been in the front of the house while you're in the back?  Has it been like that since they were babies?

    I would probably just set up a monitor and keep my bedroom. 

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    We have monitors, it's the fact that the bedroom has 2 front windows that look out onto the street.  I don't worry about the kids getting into trouble as much as I do something like someone outside doing something creepy.  Lol.... paranoid mom!

    We pretty much decided to start moving things this weekend.  Eventually we're going to need a bigger house.

    Isufan:  The kids share the smallest room which is technically on the side of the house.  It does not have windows that face the street.  Maybe I'm not explaining it right.  Since the front bedroom is not really being utilized as a bedroom, and never was, it hasn't been an issue until now.

    We kept DS in our bedroom for a while and then when he transitioned to a toddler bed, he went into DD's bedroom.  They love to share for now, but I do realize eventually my DD will need her own room.

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    I would just leave the kids in front with monitors! If ur closet is so big could u make that the babes room for a while?.
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    I wouldn't do it.  I wouldn't give up the master bedroom for the kids.  Not until they're paying the mortgage :)

    Our house is similar, the kids have the front bedrooms facing the street and we're in the back.  We use a monitor and keep their blinds closed at night.

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    Our home has split bedrooms, master on one end of the home and the other rooms at the opposite end of the house and I just used a monitor to hear them.  You could get an alarm system if you are worried about having them at one end by themselves.  I'm with your husband regarding the master.  I would just have the kids share one of the other bedrooms.  Do you have a basement that you could make a playroom in or a formal dining room or den that could be converted to a playroom.
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    I would leave the kids in the front and get monitors for both rooms. But this is coming from someone who lives in a 1.5 story cape with the master on the 2nd floor and both kids' rooms are on the first floor. It took some getting used to for the first few weeks DD#1 was down here alone as a baby, but now with the kids ages 6 and almost 4, we LOVE it. We also have a security system that is on every night, so that helps.
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    I'd be more concerned about them getting into trouble in the bathroom in the night and you not hearing it than someone breaking into the bedroom they're in.  I would get an alarm if I was worried about that.  And, use a video monitor in their room. 
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