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Frustrated with MIL

MIL arrived on Dec. 14 and has been mostly staying with BIL, SIL & their LO. BIL lives in MoCo and we're in NoVA, so it's pretty challenging to coordinate MIL going back and forth between our places, but I'm feeling a little frustrated that MIL has not made more of an effort to make plans see our DDs.  Since the 14th she has spent one night with us, we hosted Christmas Eve and BIL hosted Christmas Day.  I thought maybe she could come spend the weekend with us (she leaves next Wednesday), but it looks like we'll be hosting festivities on New Year's Day and that will be it...unless she decides to stay overnight that day.

Like I said, it's challenging with the distance between BIL and us and the fact that she is flying in and out of BWI.  On top of that, the fact that DH and I both had to work this week, while SIL and BIL were off, probably made it easier for her to stay there for much of the time. But we have offered and invited her to come and in general she complains that we live so far away and she can't see us more and then she comes for 3 weeks and doesn't seem to make much of an effort to see her granddaughters.


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