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anyone have experience with hip dysplasia?

Anyone have any experience with this?

Background: DD was breech almost my entire pregnancy, she finally flipped at 38 weeks though. She did have torticollis, which I picked up on around 6 weeks, she got dx at her 2 mo. well check and we started therapy at 3 mo old and we stopped the therapy around 5/6 months because things seemed good. Everything seemed to still be going well until she started pulling up to stand at around 8 months, she was a bit slow to get her left foot pulled out from under her, we figured she was just new to this and it would get better, and it did. Then when she started to walk behind push toys around 10 months we noticed something was really not right with her dragging her left foot when she walked. Then when she started to stand on her own, we could see her foot was always turned in funny, then we started to notice she was having trouble pulling her leg out from under her and it was getting "stuck" out to the side when she would go from stand to sit. I asked my ds's OT to take a quick look at her about a month ago and talked to her EI coordinator about it when she was at our home and they both agreed something wasn't right, but suggested waiting a month to see if things improved. Well DD had her 1 year well check yesterday and I brought up my concerns to the pedi. She could hear clicking in her left hip, she thinks she has hip dysplasia and sent us to get some xrays taken. We're waiting to hear back from the pedi, probably won't hear anything until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Depending on what that shows we would be going to see an orthopedic surgeon. Of course I've been googling and because she's older everything seems to suggest going under anesthesia and setting it or surgery and a cast instead of just the brace they get as newborns, ugh. And if it's not hip dysplasia then I just don't know what to do next to help her.

Sorry I kind of rambled, it just seems like my kids can't catch a break

Re: anyone have experience with hip dysplasia?

  • Sorry to hear this!  I don't have personal experience, but have a friend who dealt with this with both of her kids.  I know they put them in a special harness (I think a pavlik harness is the name) for a few months.  They were younger, so I am not sure if that changes the treatment at all.  

    I hope you get answers and a solution soon! 

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  • my daughter and i both have it...what do u want to know?


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