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*Cute lunch check-in*

Are y'all making any cute lunches for your kiddos? We've been busy but I've still managed to put together a few fun little meals for DD. Seriously, holiday food is so easy!

DD is on a penguin kick, so this was a little penguin lunch for her. A Christmas tree made from snap peas and tomatoes, a triple-decker PBJ (it's a good way to use up an entire piece of bread when your cookie cutter is small), and a penguin-shaped container of dehydrated strawberries, plus a gingerbread girl. DD finished the whole lunch!

Snowmen! Leftover Christmas turkey in a sandwich topped with a cheesy snowman and a strawberry hat, leftover cheese/crackers from Christmas (untouched) and tomatoes.

Another snowman, only this one was embarrassingly ugly! This was a snack - and she barely ate any of it. Snowman rice, peanut butter/celery, cheese and raisins, plus a side of mango. The hat is cut from a smores-shaped marshmallow, which my DD  doesn't like.

Now that Christmas is over, we can move onto more wintry-themed lunches. This was an open-faced polar bear sandwich with a snowflake sprinkle on his nose (Swiss cheese was all we had and my DD asked if the polar bear was dead with all of those holes in him!), a granola bar cut in half, strawberries and raisins.

Have a great week! Maybe making one cute lunch a week could be a good New Year's resolution ... : )

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