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Parenting after a Loss

*~*~*~Siggy Challenge*~*~*

The theme is most creative ice/snow sculpture!

I think with all the holiday madness we didn't get many entries, so I'm keeping this one open through the new year.

Post your entries here!

BFP #1 9/23/09. Missed MC 10w3d D&C 11/3/09.

BFP #2 4/13/10. Bridget born 12/28/10

BFP #3 Finn born 8/11/15



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Re: *~*~*~Siggy Challenge*~*~*

  • Yes! Thank you!


    Here's mine: Moby ***! 

    Oh, Baby Bean! We will always miss you! With us for 6w3d -- June 9, 2008.
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    2 years of TTC, Seeing RE Feb 09, 2 medicated TI cycles - BFNs, 3 medicated IUIs - BFNs, back to medicated TI cycles until IVF approval, IVF approved in March 2010. BFP on last medicated TI cycle.
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