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Infant swim lessons in MoCo?


I live in Rockville and am looking for swim "lessons" this spring/summer for my daughter who will be 7 months old.  Any recommendations? I looked at the Rockville swim center, and unless I was reading incorrectly, a half hour lesson was $62...really? I may just be cheap, but that seems crazy expensive. Thanks,


Re: Infant swim lessons in MoCo?

  • I guess I can't read, it is $62 for a series of 6 classes...not so bad. Has anyone taken them?

  • DH is probably going to sign up for them with LO.
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  • We did them. It was fun. They obviously aren't really teaching swim skills; it's more just splashing around in the water.
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  • Butting in...

    Are there other locations to take swim lessons in MoCo? 

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  • Montgomery County has some wonderful programs at very reasonable prices. They offer a ton of swim classes at different locations for each age range as well as a wide range of other activities. You can see their guide for Winter Classes here: 

    Click on the girl that's ice skating. Some of the Winter classes may already be full but I would recommend you sign up for their mailing list. It costs $5 a year but they will mail you the book of classes each season (4 in total) and that way you can sign up for classes as soon as the registration opens. 

    DD#1 took swim lessons through them and we were very happy with both the facility (Montgomery Aquatics Center) and the teacher. I think it was around $60 for 6 lessons. 

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  • image ladywalton:

    Butting in...

    Are there other locations to take swim lessons in MoCo? 

    If you go to the guide that I linked to in the post above, it will tell you all of MoCo's swim facilities. There are a number of different ones throughout the county. 

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  • lw - we just signed up for the Sunday morning waterbabies class at the center in Silver Spring.
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  • Through Groupon, we took 4 introductory swim lessons with the British Swim School. The focus is on teaching your kid to jump in the water and float on their backs, even from infancy. I liked the classes, but wasn't pleased with their shared facilities. We'll try the county classes next time.
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