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Ferber while having separation anxiety?

So a few months back we successfully did Ferber and it was great.  We only needed it to get DD to sleep, not in the middle of the night.  Well, then she got sick 2 times back to back and now we are back to the beginning.  My difficulty is that a lot of times she falls asleep while having her bottle, and I really don't want to wake her up from that.  The other issues are that she can stand and move around, and she is having some sep. anxiety.

So, a couple of times she will just happily go to bed on her own after we hold her and sooth her for a bit, then she puts herself to bed.  Other times, especially when I am involved since she doesn't want me to leave she screams in a panicked scream, like she is terrified.  The other night my DH went in to check on her and she flipped out more since I wasn't there. 

So, help me FERBER this girl now that she can stand on her own and is having sep. anxiety from mommy.


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Re: Ferber while having separation anxiety?

  • I'm just being nosy and lurking from 3-6, but maybe she needs a lovey?  Something you can hold while you hold her and then she can keep?  Maybe if she doesn't seem interested at first just keep introducing her to it?
  • LOL, she totally holds onto her lovey while screaming... Sometimes it works, and in the middle of the night she is fine, and uses the lovey and gives herself a paci.
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