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i hate my period- nbr (obviously)

So I got my period yesterday and its bad. It's never been this bad, its like a freakin waterfall and awful cramps. Annnnd I'm a total b!itch and can't help myself at all. Pray for those who come in contact with me, especially poor DH. That is all.



Re: i hate my period- nbr (obviously)

  • My world exactly since having the baby.   I went from a 3 day period to a 7 day.  YUCK!!!
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  • How is that nbr? Just have another one- problem (temporarily) solved.
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  • Hopefully it will get better soon, Jackie! I got mine for the 2nd time since having LO on Christmas Eve. Bummer. Mine used to be horrible- special medicine from the doc for the intense cramping, extreme flow, and they always lasted 7-8 days. For some reason since having LO, they are only lasting 3-4 days with cramping on the first day only. Did having a LO fix my flow? Ha! Hoping my good luck continues....
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  • The first time I got mine after having Sofia it was BAD.  It was seriously just as bad as right after I gave birth...for like 8 days. After that it kind of went back to my normal 4-6 day period.

    BUT!  I am a week late with my period this month and kiiiinda freaking out.  I already took 3 tests 3 or 4 days ago and they were all negative.  Im going to take another one this weekend but I am seriously freaking out.

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  • imagedarmca:
    How is that nbr? Just have another one- problem (temporarily) solved.
    Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh!


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