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Dark circles under eyes?

I am wondering if anyone knows what causes dark circles under the eyes? My toddler has them and they are quite dark.

I have always had a little where I would wear under eye concealer but I am surprised to see it in my toddler them so dark. I think she has had them for a long while but DH made a comment about them yesterday. She does not have allergies.... could she be lacking something in her diet? 



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Re: Dark circles under eyes?

  • I heard once it was related to lack of fat under the eye.  More fat gives a puffier, lighter complexion.  Less fat, makes your eyes look more hollow & darker. I don't think this is an accurate statement for everybody.
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  • We saw a specialist a year ago at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee (for something else) with DD1 and he said (w/o us even having to ask!) the dark circles under her eyes were from allergies (that we did not even know about at the time!) but he was VERY right!
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  • Allergies, have you had testing done to know that LO has no allergies??
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