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What is pininterest exactly?

So, I am probably a total idiot for not really understanding this and everyone seems to be doing it. But what exactly is it?

You girls like it? Should I get into it? Does anyone have any examples of what it looks like?

Thanks! :)

Re: What is pininterest exactly?

  • Go to to check out what other people have pinned.  It is a virtual pinboard where you can save links to things that you've found online.  You actually save a pic and then you can click on the picture to return to the site.  You can also search for things that others have pinned.  You save your pins under different categories like things for baby, crafts, recipes, party ideas . . . (and any other categories you choose).  It's really pretty cool and a little addicting. 
  • It takes some time to get into it, but once you do..... It is awesome and if nothing else and time waster at work, lol :o)
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  • It simple terms (I think) it's a cool way to "bookmark" websites, ideas you seen on the web. So instead of having them bookmarked to your favorites..they are bookmarked on a board (with the photo attached) you add a caption, you organize them (food, clothes etc). You see what other people like ..etc. U follow people, people follow u. It's pretty addicting.
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  • its fabulous fun. i get so many great ideas from it, crafts & otherwise. Even fashion pointers & ideas for new outfits. It's a great way to shop as well, since whatever you pin, has a link to where you originally found the item. 

    You need an invitation or to request an invitation though.  

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  • This sounds super fun!! So I need to get an invite and then I can create like an account or something?

    So dumb question but like if you are surfing the web and say see a bday cake you like, can u "pin" this picture easily and it is added to your account? Ummm because if it does that, that sounds kind of awesome! 

  • That's exactly how it works!  Happy pinning.
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