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patterned tights

i think they can look cute on the right person



Re: patterned tights

  • They work with the right outfit, person, and profession. 


    I honestly only buy these, and have for years. (Some are more subtle than others). I find that they are far less likely to run, and as a professor I have a lot more fashion flexibility than other professions.  

  • I wear them and like the variety.
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  • I like them, but I don't feel comfortable wearing them to work (other than a really subtle pattern like ribbing).  I work in a pretty conservative environment, and I think they're too young-looking for my work situation.  I think it depends a lot on your circumstances.
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  • imagebalonchange:

    i think they can look cute on the right person

    Exactly.  I would love to wear them but don't think I could ever pull it off.  Sad

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  • my co-worker layers her's - so she wears plain black tights w/ patterned ones over them.  Its always really cute and you can "see" pattern, but its very subtle.
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  • Love them!  I wear patterned tights (similar to the pic) pretty frequently to work - usually with ballet flats.  I'm mid-30s, and a lawyer at a large firm, but my office is fairly casual - jeans unless court for many of the lawyers.
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