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Postpartum Depression

Is this PPD?

Im not sure if I have PPD... I have a 2.5 year old DD and a 3.5 week old and am having dificulty adjusting to two. I feel an overwhelming pressure for everything to always be perfect... I feel like if it isnt I will lose my FI or my children or something. I havent cooked dinner since I have had my baby, but we have been on the go alot and not eatting at home much. I feel like if I dont cook at home soon my FI could leave me and take my baby... I know this is irrational, but I cry about it! And part of it really is stress that my FI puts on me. For example, I was getting my hair done today and my mom was watching the kids... My FI gets home from work and text messages me that he would appreciate it if I turned all the lihts and tv off before I leave. I was ready to cry from that text (how crazy!?). But I know I didnt leave all the lights on, and didnt even turn a tv on so it had to be one my DD turned on and I didnt know or one he had left on... and I feel like I should be given some slack trying to get out of the house with two girls with everything! I just feel like everything has to be perfect and if not I will lose everything... and writing it out I know it is crazy, but it is how I feel. Is this PPD or PPA or am I just crazy??

Re: Is this PPD?

  • PPA maybe? the need for everything to feel perfect sounds more anxiety related.

    Call your DR and get in to be seen. They may recomend meds or a visit to a therapist. There is nothing wrong with these feelings. Your hormones all wacked out, you are adjusting to a new baby, and from the sounds of it, could use a bit of help from family or friends as well.

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