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So, I started Reagan on solids a few weeks ago. She's been doing pretty good but lately it seems like she just doesn't want it. Has this happened to anyone? She will seriously clamp her mouth shut because she doesn't want any. Could it be teething? I'm not seeing any redness in her gums but she seriously chews on EVERYTHING.

She is still getting 5-6 bottles a day also. She won't eat much past 5 to 5 1/2 ounces per bottle- doesn't matter if you go longer between feeds. She eats the same. I think it has to do with her reflux. How many bottles a day do your LO's get? This is all so confusing and you can't go by what the books say bc those all are based on full term babies. She doesn't have another Dr's appt until the end of January.

She has also seemed to plateau with weight gain too. I can't seem to get her past 13 pounds (from what I can tell with my scale at home that needs a battery change)  and she eats around 28-30 ounces a day of 1/2 24 cal Alimentum and 1/2 ready to feed (because she likes it so much). The solids really vary- lately not much at all... just a few bites. There have been times when she's eaten the whole 3.4 ounces. You just never know.

I know there's no "right way" to do all this...I'm just curious what you guys' LO's are doing and if this sounds similar to any of them? Thanks guys!

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Re: Solids

  • From what I understand that's normal - and has also been our experience. DS will really be into food, then be meh about it whether it's for a day or more. His interest comes in waves, especially in the beginning. Now he's into it unless he's tired or sick.
  • I agree with the pp who suggested giving her things she can eat herself.  Have you tried Cheerios or puffs?  My son doesn't really like me feeding him anymore - he definitely prefers feeding himself.  We started puffs / Cheerios at almost the exact age of your daughter (8mo actual, 5 adjusted), and we moved completely to table food by 9mo actual 6 adjusted.  Now, he won't even open his mouth a lot of the time if we give him something - he has to grab it with his hands first.

    Another option would be to let her grab her own puree.  Messy, but t might work.  I've heard of some kids who like doing that.

    Good luck! 

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  • I do think that is very normal and both of my kids were/are very hit & miss.  It could also most definitely be teething, both of my kids eat less when they cut teeth.

     Also, 28-30 oz is really good.  My 35-weeker is chunky but only eats about 24-28 oz a day of straight formula (and has for a while).  He eats about 1 jar of baby food a day, some days he's not interested at all.  He also eats 6 oz at a time, but, sometimes he goes longer than others. He is 6 1/2 mo adjusted, so close in age to your LO.  He didn't get very coordinated at purees until about 6 months adjusted, so you have some time, but even still he's hit & miss.  We haven't done any puffs yet, I don't think he is ready.

     As long as she is happy and gaining well overall, don't worry.

  • dealing with something similar and trying to figure out what to do
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  • Thanks guys. I'm glad to hear it's pretty common for them to do this. I'll just try to just go with the flow. I just wish she would gain weight! That is my biggest stress.
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