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booster seat recs? (for the table)

We have a Fisher Price one that comes with a tray that we want to transition DD to, but we would like DS to have one that just gives him a little boost + some stability in his chair.  Any good recommendations?  I just looked through pages on Amazon and it is overwhelming.  He doesn't need the tray or the straps (although I don't mind them).
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Re: booster seat recs? (for the table)

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    I personally don't have one, but have heard wonderful things about the Prince Lionheart seats (a bit pricy if you are only using it for a short period of time, but if you use it for DD then it may be worth it):

    We haven't used a booster for DD since she was 2 1/2ish.  She just has been so big for her age, and she just never took to using a booster she prefered to kneel, now she can sit at the table normally. 


    We have had this for a long time and love it.  It's not too hard to clean (some boosters have crevices), and it's very sturdy.  It doesn't need a belt to keep it on the chair because it's a rubbery material which doesn't slide.  I highly recommend it.  (Their colors aren't great, but it's a booster seat- it's not meant to be pretty) 

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  • We have a BRU booster seat.  It has a back and low arms, no tray.  It does have a belt and straps to go around the chair. 
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  • I just got a flyer in the mail from BRU with 20% off all booster seats.  I didn't read the fine print, but if you need the coupon code I can dig it out.  
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  • We have the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat ($25 at Amaz.on) and like it. We used it without the tray at our kitchen counter with a high-back stool. I like it because it straps to the chair, is easy to clean and not expensive. We removed the straps that would be used to buckle LO in.

    At our dining room table we use a First Years "On the Go" booster with a cushion and inflatable pad ($20 Amazon). Its kind of like sitting on a phone book. Its not easy to clean so I wouldn't recommend it for daily use. I picked it up for $2 at a yard sale because it seemed like it would be a good portable booster to take places, but we don't really take it anywhere.

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