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Anyone deliver at Reston Hospital?

Hi ladies. Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I used to be a DC knottie/nestie and am now, obviously, a bumpie! :) 

I am due to deliver at Reston next month and had a few questions about what might be given to us at the hospital. I went on a tour a couple months ago and pregnancy brain has apparently blocked out everything they said.

I figure the more they give me (peri bottles, pads, etc) the less I have to bring... So if anyone has delivered at Reston and wouldn't mind sharing what they had available to them in the delivery/post-partum rooms, I'd really appreciate it!


DD 1.18.2012

Re: Anyone deliver at Reston Hospital?

  • I had both of mine there and was satisfied. I ended up with an emergency c-s the 1st time and had a scheduled c-s the 2nd time. They give you pads and the bottles to wash yourself, they are freely available in the bathroom (every room is a private room). Take them all home and feel free to ask for more as your insurance already paid for them. The same goes for all the baby wipes/diapers/etc you can take. I also used their mesh underwear (disposable) and was happy with it.

    LMK if you have any specific questions and good luck!


  • Thanks Sofka!

    What about nipple cream and nipple pads?

    Also, were their towels a decent size? I've heard horror stories of hospital towels being minuscule! And do you remember if they provided shower supplies like shampoo and conditioner?

    DD 1.18.2012
  • no, there were no BFing supplies provided at all! Bring your own pads, cream, nursing bra(s), nursing tank(s), etc. Also, bring the boppy. I did the 2nd time around and was glad I did. They say you should learn now to BF w/out it, but I loved my Boppy and used it with both kids the whole time (14mo and 13.5mo).  I would also bring a pump. If you buy it from BabiesRUs and don't open the box, you can return it. So I would suggest buying it but not opening it yet. Of course, you have to boil all the parts prior to 1st use so I am not sure how it'd work in a hospital setting but I brought it w/ me the 2nd time around and just kept it in the trunk and it gave me peace of mind, having it.

    I don't remember about towels and supplies, I think the towel was large but not thick. I'd bring my own supplies. All I remember is that I needed my Mom's help after the c-s with the 1st shower. If you end up w/ a c-s, start walking as soon as you are allowed, walk walk walk, the 1st steps are hard but with each step, you'll feel better and better.

    what practice are you with?


  • With regard to nursing supplies, they actually gave me all the pump supplies I would need and some Lansinoh when I delivered there a few years ago.  Then in May 2010 with my second, I also pumped while still in the hospital and they provided everything again at no cost.  I don't remember about the towels either, but there wasn't any shampoo or conditioner, like Sofka said.  I really enjoyed my experiences there and will deliver there again in April 2012.  Hope you have a good experience too and can't wait to hear about your LO. 
  • wow, they didn't give me any nursing supplies at all! maybe it depends on who your nurse is

    (with my 1st I had a lot of issues, as most new Moms do, and I had to have this thingie for nursing, basically it was this balloon-like thing filled with formula with a thin little line that I put next to my nipple and when the baby would latch, a little bit of formula would come out of this line, this was supposed to make her want to nurse more. They charged my insurance for that little contraption, I think $50! I still have it, not that I need it but I just haven't given it away, don't think I could sell it.)

  • I know I am going to need BFing supplies at home, so maybe I'll throw them all in a bag and if I find that they don't offer them I can just grab them from the trunk. I know they'll let me use their hospital grade pump free of charge while I am there. I completely forgot to ask at the BF class if they offer any of the other supplies!

    And good to know about the bathroom supplies! I am not super picky with my shampoo and conditioner, but I will need it, so I'll bring my own :)

    I am with Dr. Barrett/Mandolesi/Speyer.  

    DD 1.18.2012
  • Bring your own towel, the towels there are TINY. 
  • image ****AWS****:
    Bring your own towel, the towels there are TINY. 

    Yep, that. :)

    PS: I delivered my second at Reston with Dr.  Mandolesi. I was very happy with my experience.  The nurses there really like her and the other docs in the practice, and that can make a big difference.

  • I delivered at Reston in September and had a wonderful experience! I had an emergency c-section at 35 weeks so I was only in the L&D wing for about 2.5 hrs before I went for surgery. I have nothing but good things to say about their NICU and all of the nurses. 

    In terms of pumping supplies, the Lactation Consultant brought me the pump and supplies that I would need. They also provided bottles to pump into. I am still consulting with them for breastfeeding needs and they have been very helpful and lifesavers at times.

    All of the babies now room in with the mothers instead of going to the nursery unless they're in the NICU. They are using the nursery if a baby needs to be observed or go for testing.

    They do have shampoo and soap but I'd bring your own if you can ( we were in a big hurry when my water broke early and didn't have my bag packed) . The towels are small and not too thick, so bring one of your own if you can. The mesh undies they provided were awesome and they gave me several packs to take home. They also were very generous with the pads, peri bottle, diapers, wipes and formula. I also had wonderful nurses the entire time I was there.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one! 

  • You guys are amazing. Love my DC ladies :)
    DD 1.18.2012
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