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Vaginal Delivery after 4th Degree Tear

Hello! I am 24 years old and had a baby June 2011. I had planned on going natural with the first, but ended up being able to follow very little from my birth plan. At my 37th week appointment, I was 3 cm along. By the 38th week I was 4 cm and 75% effaced. I stayed this way until my due date (yes... three whole, long, miserable weeks) when my doctor highly recommended an induction, fearing that my water would break without true labor. I was induced the next day. I went to 8 cm without pain medication, but when they announced they were going to break my water, I caved and got the epi. After an episi and having to use the vacuum, my 9 lb 4 oz little girl was born. Subsequently, I had a nasty 4th degree to my anus and through my muscle. At my 6 week check up, I was bleeding pretty heavily through my rectum and the doctor said if it didn't stop within a few days, I would need corrective surgery. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped the next day. However, my doctor highly recommends never giving birth vaginally again. My husband and I plan to try again around our daughters first birthday (approximately 5 months), but before we begin TTC, I would like to figure out what our options are for the next delivery. I absolutely refuse to have a c-section unless there is a medical emergency. I have no plan of trying to go natural again. My concerns is tearing again of course, which I have read is not common with a second birth without an episi, but what are the chances my next child will follow suit and be a larger baby? With the trouble I had delivering my first (I'm only 5'9" and 155 lbs) , I worry that a baby any larger would end up in a c-section. Both my husband and firstborn run/ran in the 90th percentile for weight, and above the 97th for height and head circumference. I was an average size baby. What if I ask the doctor to enduce labor early next time around (provided I am 3 or more cm dilated that early again) so that the baby may be smaller? Also, any suggestions about doctors who are more on the natural side of things who I could go to for a second opinion? I liked my last OBGYN and loved delivering at St. Luke's, but I want to do all I possibly can to avoid a c-section.Thank you!

Re: Vaginal Delivery after 4th Degree Tear

  • Whoohoo for 9lb+ babies! I gave birth to my 9lb 9oz son on the 18th. I was fortunate to get away with a second degree tear, but it was quite the delivery, especially because he was left-facing, then right, then sunny side up and then his shoulders got stuck a bit once we finally got his head out. Anyways, I'm not sure on chances of tearing and such since I'm a FTM, but did want to say that my ob/gyn was very open to my natural birth plan (which I abandoned eventually as well). I wouldn't say she's renowned for being natural friendly, but thought I'd pass her name along since you were looking for recommendations. Her name is Misty Day. I delivered at St. John's. 

    I know there are a few posts on here a while back about some good doctors at MOBAP too who are natural friendly.  

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