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Traveling in the dark

We left a day early for our Christmas break and ended up driving in the car from about 4:30-8pm.  The kids were pretty bored since there was nothing to see.

Any suggestions for surviving nighttime car rides like that?  We took breaks, and at one point we let our 2 year old use my iPhone apps because she was crying.  Eventually we hope to get a minivan which would probably have little movie screens, but my 4.5 year old tends to get carsick, so I'm not sure how well that would work anyway.

Re: Traveling in the dark

  • The only thing I can suggest is a portable DVD player.  You can sit it in between the two kids and let them each watch.  We have an iPad with tons of free movies we downloaded from iTunes for my daughter to watch when we travel at night.  I also have a nookcolor e-reader with some children's books I purchased for her. It reads the stories to her aloud and she follows along.  She enjoys that alot.  After about 30-45 minutes she falls asleep and once we make it home we tuck her in and call it a night.  (We typically bathe her and put her jammies on before we hit the road if we leave during the evening or at night.)
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  • We usually travel at night or late afternoon.  I put DD in her pjs and we leave.  We have a portable DVD player that hooks onto the back of the seat in front of DD.  That thing is a life saver.  She would usually get car sick, but since we got that she hasn't.  She'll usually pass out after a few hrs. of watching a movies.
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  • Never thought I would say this, but so happy my husband broke down for our last long trip and got a portable dvd player. We have done a long drive before with no major issues during the day, but the kids were so much younger. But our last 13+ hour trip was at bedtime and having a video to put on saved our sanity until they fell asleep and our return trip with very exhausted kiddos. But that is the only time we use it... we do play a lot of corny games in our car if it is a relatively shorter drive. When it is dark out we make up songs and the boys always have a car or two by their side to zoom along.
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  • We take 12-hour drives with our 4.5-y-o a few times a year and lately I've found that books on CD are great for her. She can follow along or just listen to them. We got child-size headphones for her. Also, any toy that lights up is great. My daughter got several my little ponies for Christmas, which included a few light-up accessories. They provided enough light for her to see the toys.
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