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Odd Question...

Has anyone who currently has or has had a healthy pregnancy experienced an odd cramping feeling in your lower abdomen when you first got pregnant? It feels like my uterus is hardening or something. 

Any thoughts? 

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Re: Odd Question...

  • Yes me! With my last thats all I had, and now I'm 5 weeks and thats my main symptom!
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  • Totally normal!
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  • Yes.  I also occassionally would get pain in my lower left side.  After reading these message boards, I got really paranoid it was an ectopic pregnancy.  Everything was perfectly normal though.
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  • You do have some cramping/pain and some people even spot, when you implant around 4 weeks. Around 9 weeks, you'll implant even further into the uterus and experience it all over again. At about 12 weeks maybe and throughout the pregnancy, round ligament pain will be an almost daily occurence. 
  • The whole first trimester my uterus was stretching and growing and I got frequent cramps, as long as they're not severe or accompanied by anything more than spotting, you should be fine!  Try drinking extra water, sometimes you can cramp more from being dehydrated.
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  • Normal! Its called round ligament pain. 
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  • This was my very fist symptom and so far everything has progressed in a normal and healthy manner. GL!
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