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Having a really hard time getting ds to drink or eat lately...

ds has never been great at taking his bottles, but was eating a lot of solids when we introduced it at 6 months. He would drink part of 5 6oz bottles and eat 3 huge meals 4oz food at bfst, 7oz food at lunch and 5oz of food at dinner.

But things have taken a huge change the past week or so.  He practically refuses his bottles. I end up laying him in the C shape pillow, giving him a toy and holding the bottle while he plays (he won't hold his own bottle) as this is the only way I can get him to drink more then an ounce.  And he has been refusing his solids as well.

Anyone else going through this? Is it just a phase? Any recommendations? It is getting really frustrating  for me as I worry he isn't going to get over 20oz of formula in him each day. 

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Re: Having a really hard time getting ds to drink or eat lately...

  • Hmmm, Abby has been refusing solids the last 2 days and drinking about 3 ozs at a time.  I just started giving her a taste of finger foods (puffs and yogurt melts broken up) on Christmas. 

    Not too sure what is going on, but we are giving her the bottle more often and even gave her an extra bottle last night around 11 pm when she was fussing/crying a lot in her sleep.   We think she is teething really bad or maybe it was the holidays and the differences in routine that have her disorientated. 

    Good luck and hope our LO's get back on track quickly!!!

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  • I was just reading about nursing strikes and it seems to be the same idea.  He just wants to go, go, go all the time now (even though he still isn't mobile). And as you mentioned he wants to be more independent now.  I guess i will try more finger foods!
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  • Ugh, we have mucousy poops, going to the dr's this evening.  Wonder what she has now?

    Abby is super mobile now.  It's really hard to get anything done unless she is sleeping or playing with DH. 

    Good luck!!! 

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  • DS is on a baby food / bottle strike too.  All he wants is finger foods.  I'm trying to make those a little healthier.  He's been eating a lot of avocado, bananas, and pasta.  I've also been giving him water in his sippy.  He does hold his own bottle, but he's pretty clear after 2-4 ounces that he's done.  He pushes the bottle away.  He's not getting 20 ounces a day either.  He's close to 15 ounces the last 3-4 days.  I'm not worried right now. 
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  • I posted a similar story yesterday.  It's really stressful.  Last week she went several days refusing 3 out of 4 bottles, or only have 1-2 oz.  We added some of the milk to her purees so that she could still get the nutrients from the milk.   

    Solids, which used to be great, also became a struggle.  We introduced finger foods and that was when she stopped being interested in the purees.  So, we start with the puree, and once she starts losing interest (about 5 bites in), we give her a couple finger foods (puffs, cubes of tofu, pasta, pieces of vegetables/fruits), and we can kind of go bite for bite puree and finger food.  I feel like I am "tricking" her, but if left to her own devices, she wouldn't eat/drink a drop all day and play the whole time.  On the advice of people on this board, we are pushing the sippy cup more, but she only has a couple sips at a time. 

    Ironically, nursing is going really smoothly, but I'm only home in the evenings and weekends to do that. 

    Anyway, I'm sorry that I don't have an answer to your question, just letting you know I'm in the same boat and if you find any tricks that work, please pass them along!!!

  • My guess is teething. DS did great with solids until his teething kicked up a notch. Now he refuses them.
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